We are HAPPY because they are HAPPY!

All the below reviews have been received by our victims and participants of workshops that we conduct. We respect everyone’s privacy and hence in many cases names have been withheld on request.

Attended a webinar organised by Cyber BAAP, it was very insightful and all in all fantastic. They were highly knowledgable about the subject matter and yet communicated in an easy for all to understand manner. Highly recommended!

I got really a justifying answer to my question . I was confused what to do . But I really got an excellent consult . Tysm for always helping out here🙌

Ritesh sir is doing excellent work for cyber crime victims


Ms. Nirali was the exact help I needed. I feel more confident about taking further steps.

I am really satisfied with the help they provided.. Such a friendly nature and good behaviour

Sonal Prasad


It’s very informative


It was very informative.. However, you need to divide in the smaller age group.


“They are great people Providing you support & experts related to cyber crimes”


The way Nirali ma’am explained about the cases, and her opinions,how she solved made us feel amazed. She taught us how to use social media,social media awareness, and how to use it in a good way. So that was very good.

Great job done by team and i was really nice and informative talk with Nirali Bhatiya Maam


I spoke with Nirali and it is such a relief when you discuss tour issue and on yhe other side the person exactly knows how you feel. She calmly listened to me and understood the situation which was what i needed


I really liked talking with her. They understand everything and helped me alot

Mahi Srivastava


Very helpful. Provided me clear guidance on how to proceed in my case. She had good knowledge and provided a sensible way to handle the situation.


Ms. Nirali addressed all my concerns and gave very appropriate approaches.


Sir is very kind and helpful he help me with taking any charges he listen to me fully and give me his costly time


CyberBAAP has a professional team of cyber psychologist and experts. I got to know about them online just after i was being harrassed. The team responded to my mail quickly and noted down the details of my case. They were kind enough to keep my case anonymous. I was really freaked out but the experts counselled me and made me understand the modus operandi of these cyber harassers. They were highly professional at their work and their psychologist did a amazing work in calming me. They were a guardian angel and have saved me my career.


Mam ..gave be best guidance n made me strong


It’s nice. I feel very relief once video would take down.

Jaydeep Patel


It was a good experience… Gain a lot of insight on Cyber bullying laws and immediate steps to be taken.


I was very upset with my mistake. I am really thankful for providing guidance in terms of fraudulent activity. Must be realised it wont be happend again In future. Assistance on the call which was really appreciated.


I just loved your session at Gurugram police cyber cell internship (GPCSSI-2020) because I was able to relate a lot with myself . U are doing a great work mam 👍❣️

I loved to hear you Nirali Ma’am , i learnt so much from you and in your session only i gathered courage to speak about the bullying happened to me, but after your session i promise no one will ever gonna bully me again and i’ll not let any of my friends or family get bullied. You showed us the reality of social media and how it is effecting our daily life. Can’t Thankyou enough.I was Blessed to hear you.

I received a call from a very polite lady who counselled me regarding what action can be taken against my harasser and how I should not be scared! Really helped me because I felt there is someone listening to me and someone who cares! Thank you for the call it really calmed me down.


Frankly I was surprised by immediate reply from organisation. I thought it is just page where you give details and someone will reply after week or month. But I received immediate response and my query was addressed. You really are doing greta work. Best wishes for me.


The webinar on cyber crime organised by cyberbaap as very well managed. The questions were very pertinent and the way Nirali drove the path of discussion with her questions was very efficient. Vickys discussions and question handling was brilliant and did give a much needed perspective.


I’m really thankful to your counsellor.


Thanks for the help . And your response , I m really thankfull for ur support at the time I don’t know what to do and how to do all this. Thanks a lot.

Saloni shabib

Nirali ma’am supported in the best possible way and guided me for next steps. I reached out to her via twitter and soon she provided a means to contact her personally.


The topic was very interesting and insightful. Appreciate the efforts in organising it but would suggest to have half day session for such a important topic.

It was highly educative and interesting. A simple request is that some activities could be added to make it more interactive. I would recommend it to other teens. Thank you for the experience.

Kaustubh Verma

Navy Children School

Very informative session and I have learnt many tricks and tips to fend off hackers

I am very amazed by the initiative taken by the team CyberBaap and Nirali ma’am. The way she explained how cyber life is affecting our minds really opened my eyes. She told us about the psychology of a victim of cyber crime and how the victim must be treated with delicacy which is very uncommon and it is so great she is spreading awareness about this.

Pratishtha Shrivastava

C V Raman Global University

I was very tensed before but now, I’m relaxed..I got a very quick response..I loved their service


I seriously thought that it would take atleast 4-5 days to receive a reply. But I am highly satisfied with such quick response.


Thank you for guiding me on what should i do. I lodged a complaint in cyber crime as per ur advice.

I am Very thankful for CyberB.A.A.P m glad k apke tarafse itna jaldi response aya i was so frustrated and was very scared at the same time but after talking to you i felt so much better and safe . Thanks for listening to me and thank u so much for your guidance .

Anam nausheen

Delhi university